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The UNE 165019 on certification of Compliance Management Systems has been published

The Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE) has just published the UNE 165019: 2018 Standard. Requirements for the bodies that perform the audit and certification of criminal compliance management systems in accordance with the UNE 19601 Standard. With this new standard in the field of compliance, the framework to be followed by the certification entities is established and standardized in Spain, to audit and certify in an accredited way crime prevention models implemented by companies and other organizations in accordance with the UNE 19601 standard.

MG Abogados has again participated in a very interesting conference of ABL (Alliance of Bussiness Lawyers), held in Florence and organized by the firm “Franzosi Dal Negro Setti”, from Milan

In a unique environment such as Florence, the 38th conference of the international association of lawyers “ABL” was held, organized by the renowned law firm of Milan, Franzosi Dal Negro Setti, in which MG Abogados has participated through its partners, Isabel de Diego Quevedo and Laura Gobernado Guzmán.

The congress was held jointly with Integra, an association of tax advisors, accountants and auditors.

Successful conference attended by speakers from different branches of the most leading businesses, including art, fashion, design, gastronomy and innovation.

The conference was sponsored by the company Sofar S.p.a., important Italian pharmaceutical company, with an outstanding success in the field of probiotics.

He also sponsored the conference, the CCFXS company specialized in currency exchange services, a client of MG Abogados.

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