Manuel María Sotomayor Ramírez

Practice Areas: Document management in economic, financial, accounting and tax matters in bankruptcy proceedings. Drafting Plans liquidation. Banking and financial law.

Diploma in Business for Social School of Galicia.

Degree in Economics and Business Studies from the Complutense University.

Chartered accountant.


Professor of Accounting Training Centre of the Bank of Spain.

Non-tenured professor of Economics at the School of Information Sciences at the Complutense University.

Inspector and Auditor of the Bank of Spain.

Independent expert appointed by the Attorney General to assist the prosecution.

President of the Audit Board of the Pension Plan of the Bank of Spain.

External auditor of several corporations.

Managing Partner of Audit firm “Sotomayor y Asociados Auditors, SL”

External consultant in banking, accounting and financial system.

Independent expert in the judicial process of the companies Forum Filatelico.